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Integrate Gologin to Auup for Managing Multiple Redbubble Stores

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Managing Multiple Redbubble Stores

Managing multiple Redbubble stores can be a challenging task, but with the integration of Gologin and Auup, you can streamline your operations and save valuable time. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to integrate Gologin to Auup effectively, enabling you to automate various tasks and manage your Redbubble stores efficiently.

Step 1: Sign up for Gologin and Auup

To get started, you need to sign up for both Gologin and Auup. Visit the websites and create an account for each platform. Make sure to provide accurate information during the registration process. You need to download Auup to your PC and create a new account.

Step 2: Obtain Gologin API Key & Profile ID

To establish the connection between Gologin and Auup, you will need an API key from Gologin. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which allows different software applications to communicate with each other. Follow the instructions provided by Gologin:

  1. Get your Gologin API key Obtain Gologin API Key

  2. Copy your profile ID on Gologin

If you do not have a profile -> Create new profile on Gologin

On the profile lists, just click to "..." and it's will show the button for copy your profile ID.

Step 3: Integrate Gologin Profile to Auup

Once you have created your accounts, log in to Auup using your credentials. In the Auup dashboard, navigate to the integration settings. Follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Add Account Page
  2. Select Account Type
  3. Select Add Method: Login With GoLogin
  4. Input your Gologin API key & profile ID (Obtained by Step 2)
  5. Click Add Account
Add Redbubble Account on Gologin to Redbubble Automation

Step 4: Connect to Your Redbubble Account

If you already have an loggin Redbubble account on your GoLogin Profile, Auup will be automatically connected to your logged in redbubble account on your Gologin profile.

If you Gologin profile is new and doesn't have a logged in Redbubble account. Please login to Your Redbubble Account follow the instructions:

Login to Your Redbubble Account

  1. Typing email
  2. Typing password
  3. Click to Login
  4. After you logged in, wait for the browser navigate and auto close.
Browser for add account to Auup

Your Account was Added to Account Lists

Redbubble Account was added to Auup

After established the connection between Gologin and Auup. This will enable the automation features and functionalities provided by Gologin within the Auup platform.

Step 5: Set Up Automation Upload to Redbubble Store

With the integration successfully configured, you can now start setting up automation tasks to manage your Redbubble stores efficiently.

Now you can start automate your works by follow the common instructions: How to setup automation upload to Redbubble

Gologin and Auup offer various automation features that can be customized according to your specific requirements. Here are some essential tasks you can automate:

  • Generating Popular Tags: This will improve the visibility of your listings and attract a larger audience.

  • Auto Uploading Designs: Save time by automating the upload process. Select the designs you want to upload and specify the target stores. Gologin and Auup will handle the uploading seamlessly, allowing you to focus on creating more designs.

  • Auto Aligning Designs: Ensure that your designs are properly aligned on different Redbubble products. Specify alignment preferences for each item, such as t-shirts, hoodies, or phone cases. Gologin and Auup will automatically adjust and align your designs to maintain their visual appeal.


Integrating Gologin to Auup for managing multiple Redbubble stores is a game-changer for Redbubble sellers.

By automating tasks such as generating popular tags, uploading designs, and aligning them on Redbubble products, you can save time and focus on creating exceptional designs and growing your business.

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to integrate Gologin to Auup effectively and unlock the benefits of streamlined store management.

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