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Free Redbubble Automation Tool To Increase Sales

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Auup is free Redbubble automation tool to automate all of your work on Redbubble, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

With Auup, you can easily automate your Redbubble product uploads with just a few simple steps:

How Can You Automate Redbubble?

Step 0: Register/Login to Auup

Step 1: Add Your Redbubble Store

Step 2: Import Your Designs File

Step 3: Schedule Upload

Step 0: Register/Login to Auup

Register/Login to Auup

Sign to Redbubble Automation Tools

Accessed to Dashboard Page

Auup Dashboard

Step 1: Add Your Redbubble Store

Add Account

  1. Go to Add Account Page
  2. Select Account Type
  3. Select Add Method
  4. Click Add Account
Add Account to Redbubble Automation Tools

Auup will open new browser.

Login to Your Redbubble Account

  1. Typing email
  2. Typing password
  3. Click to Login
  4. After you logged in, wait for the browser navigate and auto close.
Browser for add account to Auup

Your Account was added to Account Lists

Redbubble Account was added to Auup

Step 2: Import Your Designs File

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After add your Redbubble account to Auup, now we need to import some designs to your Redbubble account.

Go to Account Manage Page

  1. Go to Accounts List
  2. Click Manage your account
Manage Redbubble account on Auup

On the Manage Account Page, you can import your designs and setting for schedule upload.

Import Designs by Files or CSV

  1. Click to IMPORT IMAGES
Import images to auto upload to Redbubble
  1. Select files .png
Import designs to auto upload to Redbubble

You can click "SETTING PRODUCT" to settings: - Color of each products - Public or Private (good for test the tool) - Products enabled for the sale.

Step 3: Schedule Automation Upload to Redbubble

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Next, you can select multiple images to schedule for auto upload. Auup will help you auto generate SEO optimized tags & description for your design and auto set the correct dimensions for your images.

Setting Auto Schedule Upload

  1. Don't forget "SAVE IMAGES"
  2. Setting "Limit upload files" to stop auto upload when uploaded some files
  3. Setting "Waiting time between 2 uploads" is waiting time to upload the next file after uploaded 1 file
Setting for Redbubble Automation Upload
It's time to let Auup work its magic.

Auup will automatically upload your images to your Redbubble store. Auup will also auto generate tags and descriptions for your products based on the image information, making it easy to optimize your product listings for search engines.

With Auup, you can save time and increase your productivity by automating your Redbubble product uploads. Try it out today and see how it can benefit your Redbubble business.

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