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Auup is free Redbubble automation tool to help you auto generate popular tags & description, auto upload and align multiple designs on Redbubble.

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Redbubble Upload Automation

With only 3 steps

  • Add your Redbubble store
  • Select your images file
  • One Click -> Auto Upload & Align all designs

The Benefits of using the Redbubble Automation Tool

Check out our list of awesome features below.

Auto Upload & Alignment

Auto upload image one by one to your Redbubble store.

Generate Popular Tags

Auto generate tags base on your image information.

Optimized Description

Auto generate description base on your image information.

Excel Edit

Custom tags by import/export excel file.

Multiple Shop

Add multiple Redbubble stores for auto upload and management.

Integrate with Gologin

Integrate Gologin for manage multiple Redbubble stores.


I've tried several Redbubble automation tools, but Auup is by far the best. It simplifies the process of generating popular tags and descriptions, and the auto-upload & auto-alignment feature saves me so much time. It's a game-changer Redbubble workflow.

testimonialDaniel B.REDBUBBLE SELLER

As an artist on Redbubble, I was constantly searching for ways to optimize my designs and increase my visibility. Auup has been a lifesaver! Its auto-generated popular tags and descriptions have helped me attract more customers, and the ability to align multiple designs effortlessly has saved me hours of manual work. I highly recommend it!

testimonialEmily L.DESIGNER

Free Redbubble Automation Tool

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